An Apology (to myself)

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started this as a fun project for myself. Then I pressured myself to make and schedule posts consistently. I wanted all of it to be profound or cool or interesting. But, um, when you put a lot of pressure on something that’s supposed to be fun…it sort of stops being fun.

Doesn’t help that I’ve been in a weird funk in my personal life. Everything feels kind of stalled but that’s neither here nor there.

THE POINT: I’m going to attempt to bring my blog back to life. It’s not so that people can find it and think I’m interesting or notice that I’m a try-hard. Just fun. Diary snapshots of what I’m reading and enjoying.

I might post once a week or twice or, just, whenever I feel like it. The goal is just not to disappear from the blog for months.





Library Lovers Book Tag

Library Lovers Book Tag

I thought it would be fun to do a library related tag. For people coming across my brand new blog who might not know – I am a librarian! We’ll see how this goes…

  1. How often do you visit your local library?
    Sooooo…I work at a library. On a regular week I work Monday-Friday so I’m there every week day. My work library isn’t the same as my home library, though. I would say I go to my home library every other week.
  2. Are you the type of person who checks out more books than you know you can read or are you someone who only checks out exactly amount of books you intent on reading before they are due?
    Obbbbbbviouslllllyyyyyyyyy. I, on average, have 10 physical books checked out at the library on any given week. I have a problem.
  3. How old were you when you got your first library card?
    My family didn’t live in a library district until we were annexed while I was in high school. I didn’t have a proper public library card until I was a junior in high school (16 years old).
  4. Do you go to your library looking for a particular book or do you check out anything that peaks your interest?
    When I’m working I will just browse and judge books more by their cover or if someone mentions really liking it. When I visit my local library it is usually to find a specific book that I know is there.
  5. Do you use your library to check out just books or do you also check out DVDs, audiobooks, etc?
    I use every part of the library. CDs, books, DVDs, audiobooks, graphic novels, online/e-resources. All of it. I LOVE THE LIBRARY!
  6. From what section of your library do you check out a majority of your books? (YA, middle grade, adult, nonfiction, etc)
    Recently I have been dipping more into the YA section. And the picture books in my attempt to read every book off of the Book Riot 100 Picture Books list.
  7. What is your favorite part of using your local library?
    I love being able to try new things! I don’t have a ton of friends around all the time who I can swap books with so it is so nice to borrow anything I would like to try (and not have to invest money in). What a wonderful thing!

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Review: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

26025989The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

I had the such a love for Wishful Drinking when I read it. I tell most people “I love Carrie Fisher and I love Paul Simon so I don’t know how I couldn’t love it.” So that’s pretty much how I feel. But that’s about her other writing…let’s get to this book.

At this point it seems useless to talk about how much I needed Princess Leia in my life when I was young. Like so many others, she was my princess. A bad-ass, take no bull, fear no man, hanging with the guys princess. And, again, like others she meant the absolute world to me then and now.

So reading about how Carrie Fisher felt about her body and her hair and men and life while going on a roller coaster adventure she could have never imagined was really neat. I cringed with her and laughed with her and then cringed again. This writing reminded me so much of something I would write. Literally every time her poetry graced the pages I cringed and laughed at how similarly I had written about my life and loves and heartbreak and indecision.

Overall I really loved this read. My heart aches with the loss of such a beautiful and fun spirit. This is an even more important read than ever.

Reading Resolutions 2017

There has been a tag floating around BookTube community in the past week or so regarding book-ish resolutions.

I thought I would add my picks to the endless lists out there to hold myself responsible!

  1. An author you would like to read this year (that you have never read before)?
    I think I would like this one to be Anne Tyler. I have a co-worker who loves everything Anne Tyler puts out and I still haven’t bitten the bullet. So no time like the present!
  2. A book you would like to read?
    Half because of my love for Wishful Drinking and half because of my undying love for Carrie Fisher – I want to read The Princess Diarist this year. (I should read it in the next few days because the holds list stretches to a galaxy far, far away.)
  3. A classic you would like to read?
    I think I will use this resolution to also accomplish one of the Read Harder challenges – read a classic by an author of color. I think my life will be a little better if I finally read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings this year! It’s also one of those books that has sat on my shelf unread for too many years.
  4. A book you would like to re-read?
    This is sort of an easy one. Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt was sooooo good and I tell people to read it all the time. It’s been about 2 years since I read it last and I would like to read it again. So much that I made it my first book for my library’s book club. 🙂
  5. A book you have had for ages and want to read?
    So many to choose from. I will pick Resistance, Rebellion and Death: Essays by Albert Camus. Coming back to some classics sounds like a decent theme for this year.
  6. A big book you would like to read?
    This is the biggest commitment – eek! Here goes: I want to read (probably more listen to) The Brothers Karamazov. I loved Crime and Punishment so I hope to like this one, too.
  7. An author you have previously read and want to read more of?
    DANIEL HANDLER! I still have not read We Are Pirates and that is a crime.
  8. A book you got for Christmas and would like to read?
    Shockingly, I did not get many books for Christmas this year that I had not already read. I did, however, buy myself The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart with some gift card money. So that is what I will read this year!
  9. A series you want to read (start to finish)?
    You know, I have always wanted to read the Lord of the Rings books. They mean a lot to my dad. I think it is about time I get around to reading them. This is the year!
  10. A series you would to finish (that you have already started)?
    I could not think of a series that I have started that have the last book in the series published yet. So, instead, I’m resolving to finish the Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy comic series that was published last year.
  11. Do you set reading goals? If so, how many books do you wan to read in 2017?
    My Goodreads goal is set at 100 books (not including picture books). I was able to read 130 in 2016 even while being in school for half of the year!
  12. Any other reading goals?
    To read more diversely. To read more books from non-US and UK authors. To read something that scares me. To write a review for every book I read this year (lofty goal).

TBR #1, or What I Have Checked Out


Welcome to the new year! So far, 2017 hasn’t been the gentlest new year to me but I have high hopes for what this year can bring. But that’s not why I’m posting this. I’m posting this because I have several books checked out from the library I work for. Since these are the most pressing on my TBR at the moment I thought I would let you know what I’m planning to start my new year with.

And yes, I know that this is too many items to have checked out at once…

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