Children’s Fiction – The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Children's lit

This week’s children’s lit post is a chapter book! One of our librarians has been book talking this book so I gave it a try.

Reading Level: 3rd – 5th Grade

Genre: Science Fiction

Appeals: Animals, Friendship, Islands, Robots, Orphaned Animals, Survival, Leisurely Paced

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Children’s Fiction – 2018 Monarch Books Pt. 2


These are my short reactions/plot summaries of books 11-20 on the Monarch Book list.

For my reactions to the first 10, go ahead and look at my first post. Let me know in the comments if you have read any of the books on the list and your thoughts on them!

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Children’s Fiction – 2018 Monarch Books Pt. 1


My workplace is unconventional – we don’t do “departments.” I personally love it. I get to work with everyone – all library users and all staff! So, though I went into my job knowing very little about Children’s Literature I have been learning more and more every day.

One of our favorite reading clubs at the library is what we call the Kids Choice Book Club. Younger ones sign up to read the Monarch Books and slightly older kids read from both the Rebecca Caudill and Blue Stem book lists.

Unsurprisingly, the Monarch books are much easier for me – and most of the staff – to get through. Since the list was released a couple weeks ago I have been racing some staff members to see who can finish the books first. (I won today!)

Even though they are short enough to flick through, I thought I would give a little review/impression of each Monarch book. To make it not such a wall of text I will review 10 now and save 10 for next week!  Continue reading