Over a Cup: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

over a cup (2)

Imposture syndrome is a very real thing. I have never felt more like an imposture in the library world than I have when I read Annie Spencer raving about this book in her Dear Fahrenheit 451. When she was shouting her love from the rooftops I recalled a good friend of mine rereads this book every few years and loves it. So – here I go!

Currently Drinking: Iced Cafe Mocha

Currently Reading: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

Random Favorite – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I can’t stop playing.

This book is not for the individuals with weak stomachs. I vaguely remember watching the movie when I was a freshman (maybe?) in undergrad but couldn’t tell you much about it except for the very end.

I definitely didn’t remember that opening.

As I opened the book and began to read on my lunch break I decided I needed to stop eating or find a different book to entertain me.

My initial impression is that this book is slow. It’s very much about details. It feels almost plotless if the narrator didn’t keep reminding the reader that the suicides happen eventually.

Details aren’t a bad thing. There a moments that I get completely sucked into the story and, upon reflection, realize I just was sucked into a paragraph about leaves.

Overall, I don’t find myself compelled to read it but I will likely push through. Maybe I will remember to write up something about how I felt.

Thanks for reading!


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