Over a Cup: Hello, Sunshine by Leila Howland

Over a cup (1)

I would really love to commit more time to writing on this blog! I’m determined to do it. Hopefully I can come up with some more ideas of things to post about. And now, a day late, is what I am reading (and finishing) this morning. This actually works out perfectly because I have the Advanced Reader Copy of this book and it is released today! 

Currently Drinking: Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee

Currently Reading: Hello, Sunshine by Leila Howland

22667806As I mentioned above, I got this book from a co-worker when they picked it up at the American Library Association. They said the cover and the tagline – “A Prep School Girl with a Hollywood Dream” – they knew I would have to read it.

They were absolutely right!

I’m in a huge YA phase at the moment. I don’t see myself coming out of it anytime soon. Everything I’ve been reading has been really nailing it, in my opinion.

This one is about Becca Harrington, a Bostonian college reject who decides to make the most of her year off by moving to Hollywood and starting after her dreams.

Things get off to a really rough start. Her boyfriend of two years breaks up with her on his way to Stanford, her cousin who is supposed to house her until she can get on her feet is entirely too pessimistic, and moving out means she’s spending a lot of money that she really doesn’t have.

But Becca is someone you wholeheartedly root for!

She’s charming and smart and shy yet unapologetically herself.

This isn’t overly dramatic, either. Even with the plot being about someone who wants to be an actress it never veers into crazy unrealistic plot points. The characters are rounded out enough so that you care about them but maybe don’t know every part of them. I liked this aspect because Becca really is just getting to know these people, too.

Overall, it’s a super cute and fun read. I would definitely recommend this one.


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