Book Club Reading: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Book Club Reading

So, either I’m too excited about reading or I’ve gone a little mental (perhaps both) but I’ve just started to run my second book club at the library.

I run a fairly successful fiction book club at my library that is mostly attended by women much older than myself. There is one exception. One woman who attends is closer to my age. She confided in me that she often is afraid to voice her opinions of certain topics in the books we read because the other women will judge her or get upset with what she says.

That made me think – I want younger voices! And I want to read YA books!

So, I have taken up the effort (along with a co-worker) and we are attempting to run a 20’s/30’s book club in our local martini bar. The first meeting’s attendance wasn’t great but I have faith for the future!

This month we read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

We had really interesting conversations even though there weren’t a lot of people to attend. There were discussions of ethics, internet policies, virtual reality, and the state of VR.

One of my favorite things to do with friends is to ask, when we read a similar book, how they related to it and if they could think of someone else in their immediate life they would recommend the book to.

We enjoyed light appetizers and some drinks during the discussion.

It was a great time. I hope I can get more people to come out and join us next month!

Do you attend any book clubs? If so, what are you favorite part of book clubs? (AKA – how else do you think I can sell people on the book club? 🙂 )


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