Work Fun: Star Wars Days


The past few days at work have been so much fun! This year we went all out for May the Fourth – so much so that we expanded the Star Wars fun to Friday and Saturday (Revenge of the Fifth/Sixth).

Just a quick post to say I ran a 60 question/1.5 hour long Star Wars trivia program on Thursday, May 4th that was so much fun. I loved sharing my nerdy knowledge with people. Who better to host a trivia night than a library, right? Better believe those questions and answers were well researched.

Friday night we hosted a showing of Rogue One for families in and around our library area. It was packed. So much pizza and so much movie fun was had. The library purchased a remote controlled BB-8 for nerdy reasons a few months ago and we put him to good use at the event!

On Saturday we had tons of crafts and a Collector’s Alley where a few dedicated fans in the area brought their collections to show off. There were expensive lightsabers, Lego creations, and even Ewok fur.

So much fun!


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