Children’s Fiction – The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Children's lit

This week’s children’s lit post is a chapter book! One of our librarians has been book talking this book so I gave it a try.

Reading Level: 3rd – 5th Grade

Genre: Science Fiction

Appeals: Animals, Friendship, Islands, Robots, Orphaned Animals, Survival, Leisurely Paced

26030734This book totally took me by surprise. A robot ends  up on an island all alone. Except not all alone. She is surrounded by the wild life.

She makes a decision that all people should take to heart – when the world around her perceives her as a threat she takes time away from them and begins to learn their way of life so that they will not be upset by her. She makes an effort to learn their speech and their ways of life. In the most moving and inciting moment of the story, the robot finds that she accidentally killed two adult geese and all but one of their children when a rock falls on their nest. Instead of just moving on or letting it hurt her forever, she adopts the remaining goose as her own and raises it in the wild.

She proves to be a great friend and mother.

This is a really lovely story about difference and acceptance. There is also a lot of drama in the book.

The chapters are short which will make readers, including myself, feeling like they are super good at reading but also creates natural stopping points for when it really is time to go to bed.

Loved this one! 4/5 stars


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