Children’s Fiction – Two on a Theme: Facial Hair

Children's lit

Facial hair. For whatever reason I have read a few picture books about facial hair lately. It’s probably because babies and young kids with facial hair is such a funny concept.

Side note: I really wanted this to be Three on a theme but there were no books that I could even stretch to make work. Hopefully that will change by next week!

The two books I’ve read in the last week are Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos and Beard in a Box  by Bill Cotter.


I should mention here that my mom is a preschool teacher. She is constantly having the kids bring in their own favorite books from home to share with the class and read to them. One of them brought in this book and she said she couldn’t get through it without laughing. She suggested I try it.

I’m not a horrible human so I did find this funny. It wasn’t my absolute favorite thing that has ever been written.

The premise is that a baby is born with a mustache and the nurse says that can be good or bad – is it a good guy mustache or a bad guy mustache? Throughout his baby years the Mustache Baby looks like he will be a good guy – he helps out, watches out for people, is kind. But then, the ends of his mustache curl and it is revealed that he may be a bad guy after all. His personality does a complete 180. I won’t spoil the ending for you here.

Overall, I wasn’t crazy impressed but I didn’t hate the time I spent reading it.

25821190Beard in a Box, however, was one of my favorites from the week! I picked it up because I have a real love for Abraham Lincoln. The little boy in this story looks up to his dad. He notices that his dad is so great and awesome because he has a beard.

In an effort to be more like his cool dad, the boy responds to an ad for an instant beard kit called Beard in a Box. The kit comes in and it is seeds to grow yourself the perfect beard. They encourage you to decide your style first (one option is The Lincoln). After the boy applies the mixture to his face and gets excited to be a bearded cool guy like his dad he reads the fine print that says the beard will take around 10 years to grow. Disappointed by this fact, the boy sees his dad has shaved his beard and figures out it really isn’t the beard that makes the man. Super cute and funny book. I highly recommend it.


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