Work Fun and Updated TBR: C2E2


Working at a medium-sized library with a small(ish) full time staff means everyone has an odd mix of responsibilities. One of mine is collecting the graphic novels for our adult, young adult, and juvenile collections. I love comics so it’s one of my favorite things I get to do.

This past weekend was the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo – something I never thought I would ever go to (because I hate crowds and never really let my geek flag fly). There was panels about censorship in comics, how to promote collections, networking opportunities with other librarians, and time to walk in the artist alley to see all the cool artists and their awesome work.

It was an incredible experience. I don’t have too much to say about the panels and the experience (other than it was nothing like anything I’ve done before). Just a quick post to document a very fun experience.

Comics I Need To Read Now:

Backstagers – James Tynion IV

In the Woods – James Tynion IV

Nutmeg – James F. Wright/Jackie Crofts

Gronk – Katie Cook

Beauty – Jeremy Haun/Jason A. Hurley



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