A Night in With… Libby Lomax Trilogy Review

you're finallyengaged!

Let it be known: I am a sucker for all things Old Hollywood. You put Audrey Hepburn’s face on it – or mention her as a character – and I am sold.

That being said, I’m so completely surprised that this book hadn’t found its way to me before this moment. But I’m happy that it came into my life at the right time. The whole series gave me serious According to Jane by Marilyn Brant vibes (one of my all time fav pieces of Women’s Lit). Now on to the actual reviewing!

A Night in with Audrey Hepburn 

This was the first and, arguably, my favorite in the series. Here is where we meet Libby Lomax, a twenty-something, down-on-her-luck, lacing-confidence woman who, though being the older sister, continues to trail in the shadow of her sister. A sister who happens to be a child star (wannabe) and current C-list actress with enough credits on her IMDb page to be too full of herself.

As Libby continues to live her life the way her mother expects her to (basically being her sister’s assistant and being an extra on her sister’s projects) she finds that she is increasingly unhappy. Would would have ever guessed!?

BUT NOW! Sounds the trumpets! (Duh-da-da-duh!) Libby lands a one line speaking role on her sister’s show…as an alien…covered in warts. But this day on set is also the day pretty boy Dillon O’Hara is guest starring on the show.

The events are as follows: a chance encounter, a shared cigarette, a fire, a firing, a move to a small space, a furniture mix up, another Dillon encounter, a disastrous party, and even more Dillon!

All the while, the furniture mix up because the most important plot point in the story. Why is the Chesterfield sofa so important? Well, because that’s the source that brings Audrey into Libby’s life! Audrey who, throughout the book, acts as Libby’s sensible and stylish fairy godmother.

This review may sound silly and jokey but, in reality, I really enjoyed this book. It was nothing groundbreaking but it was very fun and light and entertaining. The characters were all comical in the best way possible. The love interests were dreamy. All of the side characters were fun additions. Yes, it’s all fairly predicable but that’s why you read something like this. I liked it so much that I immediately checked out the rest of the series to read while I was on a mini vaca.

A Night in with Marilyn Monroe 

When we meet up with Libby again it is a few months later and (sad trombone) things haven’t exactly worked out with her final love interest from the first installment. Turns out…he was kind of a prick and not all he had promised to be. (Pause for shock).

Instead Libby ends up in the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. And, wow, he is. Between her failing love life, trying to help Olly get his new restaurant ready to open, and all while prepping for Nora’s upcoming wedding and having to deal with Libby’s crazy family. And did I mention my heartthrob Olly has caught the attention of Nora’s Scottish BFF, Tash? Blegh.

And who shows up while all of this chaos is afoot? The cute, quirky, carefree Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn helps Libby learn that she needs to take her life as it comes and worry less about everything falling into place in the unrealistic timeline she has set.

Overall, a pretty fun and cute book. I enjoyed myself while reading it.

A Night in with Grace Kelly

Then comes the grand finale. The final book in the trilogy throws the other two for a loop because Grace Kelly doesn’t interact with Libby like Audrey and Marilyn did. Grace is in denial for the duration of the book and interacts with Libby as if Libby is a dream Grace is having.

In this book Olly is with Tash. Nora is in Scotland with her husband and baby. All while Libby is attempting to move on with her life, yet again. She has a horrible first few days in her new apartment/studio but things start to look up when she meets a man she believes is the owner of a gym. Spoiler alert: he’s actually a billionaire. And absolutely smitten with Libby.

There are a lot of time cuts in this book where we go from Libby and Joel, the billionaire, meeting to dating to getting engaged to the night before their wedding. Basically, the more time dragged on the less engaged I was in the characters and the more annoyed I was that Libby was still with Joel at all. He was such a demanding and rude human that I couldn’t stand to think of Libby settling down with him.

Luckily she does not. The ending made the suffering well worth it.

Again, really nice, refreshing read to dip into and out of. Great read!

Definitely for fans of Sophie Kinsella. I think fans of Lucy Parker would enjoy these, too.



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