Over a Cup: Death by the Dozen by Jenn McKinlay

Over a Cup

Oh boy. The Monday after a holiday weekend is even more brutal now that I’m the one hosting relatives instead of the one visiting. Staying up late (I haven’t known the world past 11 p.m. in recent months) and waking up early to make sure everyone has someone to talk to in the morning and knows how to start the coffee maker means no time to sleep. Luckily my family is worth it.

Today’s Drink: Hot Mocha (much needed)

Today’s Read: Death by the Dozen by Jenn McKinlay

I have to come clean: I broke one of my cardinal rules today. I read something that was not high on my list of things to read and in lieu of the other 4 books I have going. I know, I know. This is terrible. My excuse is that I needed something that my sleepy brain would find comforting and light and fun and easy.

Cozy mysteries (specifically ones that revolve around food puns) are my one true guilty pleasure in reading. This series popped up as a suggested read once I fell into the rabbit hole that is the Hannah Swensen mysteries by Joanne Fluke. The first in this series, Sprinkle with Murder, I picked up from my local library and devoured on an off day when I didn’t have class or too much homework. These books are just so fun to read that I don’t mind the cheesy factor. In fact, I live for the cheesy factor. The second in the series, Buttercream Bump Off, was checked out and read a few months after that. I’ve been so distracted by all my other TBR’s that I hadn’t made my way back to this series in, maybe, two years?

So, instead of reading my big sci-fi book I’m working on or the two gritty graphic novels I’m picking through and the non-fiction read to break up my reading schedule and my book club book…I broke down and started to read this instead.

The plot isn’t anything too complicated. In true cozy mystery fashion the main character, Melanie Cooper, is a baker who owns her own cupcake bakery. She works alongside her best friend, Angie DeLaura, and is helped out of law issues/financial troubles by her male best friend, Tate Harper. Going along in her semi-dramatic (the bakery world does get a little catty and cut-throat at times, Mel also happens to find herself involved in local deaths and – dun, dun, duuuuuun – murders! Of course, Mel has the unique abilities and perfect connections to get her the scoop on who the murderer is before the police department. And obviously one of the policemen has be to Joe DeLaura, Angie’s sister and Mel’s love interest. It’s all almost too cute and sugar coated to stand. But I’ve always had a sweet tooth.

In my reading this morning I didn’t even get to the murder yet. There’s still so much more to go! 🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favorite cozy mystery (or not so cozy mystery) is!


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